Acoustic Communion

by John de Jong

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A gentle acoustic-guitar-based album of meditative, peaceful songs.


released July 1, 2006

All songs are written by John de Jong.
John sings and plays acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synth and bass
Gabriel Alsonso plays percussion on Jacob's Prayer, Just a Dream, and Communion (Instrumental)
Terl Bryant plays drums and percussion on remaining tracks, except 'I Trust In You' where Filip Sedivy played drums, Lukas Hradil played bass, and Dan Cutronal played keyboards.
Mixed by Richard Lacey at the Radar Rooms, Castleford.
Cover picture courtesy of Dave Markee. Design by Vladimir Ochman.



all rights reserved


John de Jong Czech Republic

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Track Name: Eye of the Storm
Music & lyrics by John de Jong. (c) 2003 John de Jong. All rights reserved.

In these days of so much change
Old foundations wash away
As your river comes
Swollen by the rain
In these days when hearts grow cold
As the wind begins to blow
I know I must run
To the shelter of your arms
To the shadow of your wings
To the beating of your heart

Close to you I ride the wind
Flying high on eagle’s wings
Supernatural calm
In the eye of the storm

All around the wind howls like a demon
Yet here I am in a vortex of pure calm
The eye of the storm

Every promise that you’ve made
Every word you’ve ever said
Will not pass away
Until it’s played it’s part
Now I know the time has come
To shake the heavens and the earth
I know I must run
To the shelter of your arms
To the shadow of your wings
To the beating of your heart
Track Name: Riding the Storm
(c) 2000, John de Jong. All rights reserved.

The wind is under my wings, I feel my body rising
As spirit rain begins to fall
And dark against the sky, spanning the horizon
The brooding power of your storm

Deep in the thunderclouds, the flickering of lightning
Sparks of fire in eagle eyes
My face against the wind, I'm eager for your coming
Your power hits my wings, I fly

And I'm riding the storm, riding the storm
And I'm flying, flying
Riding the storm

The beat of angel wings thunder in the disance
The sound of battle fills the sky
The thermals of your love are spinning me higher and higher
I rise on eagle's wings, I fly
Track Name: Moses' Prayer
(c) 2005 John de Jong. All rights reserved.

I will not move, take one step
I cannot go unless you lead me
I'll stay right here, I'll wait for you
I will not move unless you're with me

I'll close my mouth, I will not speak
I will be dumb unless you fill me
I won't presume to speak for you
I'll hold my tongue, you must speak through me

I will wait for you
I'm not asking for your word
Or some token from your hand
Only your presence Lord
Nothing else will do:
Only your sweet perfume
Filling the air around
Making this holy ground

I will not sing another song
Unless it's filled with sweet incense
I will not plan the days ahead
I will not dream without your presence.
Track Name: Just a Dream
(c) 2006, John de Jong. All rights reserved.

Here between these chains, in the dead of night
Only sleep can ease my pain
Only dreams remain, phantom shards of light
Phosphorescence on night’s waves

I shiver in the cold, and as my fever grows
An apparition calls my name
And with a sword of gold he breaks my Roman chains
As he leads I walk away

Life is never what it seems
This can only be a dream

Walking past the guards, they’re staring like the dead
Or could it be their eyes are blind?
Still my angel leads, walking straight ahead
towards the gate that leads outside

The fragrance of the night seeps through the heavy gate
and as I watch it opens wide
If only this was real and death was not my fate
and I could walk the streets outside

Life is never what it seems
This can only be a dream

The wind upon my face, earth beneath my feet
Moon shining down
The angel disappears - I’m on the dark side of town
In unfamiliar streets I’m running for my life
Heart beating fast
And then before my eyes a place I recognise
Safety at last

I’m knocking at the door in the dead of night
Footsteps turn then walk away
In the inner room interrupted prayer
I hear doubting voices say:

“Life is never what it seems
this can only be a dream”
Track Name: The Best For You
(c) 1994, John de Jong. All rights reserved.

Don't want to see you trying to love
when you're hurting inside
Don't want to see you walking away
with anger burning in your eyes.
Don't want you singing those sad sad songs
Like some lovers do -
I want the best for you - I want the best

Don't want to think of you hiding away
with your broken plans,
or in the corner of some sad cafe
with your head in your hands
Don't want you walking home on your own
to some empty room
I want the best for you - I want the best

I want to see you walking away with the prize
I want to see those tears of joy in your eyes
I want the best for you - I want the best

So many people live their lives with something missing
A summer's day without the sun
Dreaming of golden things that life will bring tomorrow
tomorrow never comes

Don't want to see you walking the streets
like you've no place to go
don't want to see you dead on your feet
gaining the world to lose your soul.
I want to see you making it through
all your dreams coming true
I want the best for you - I want the best
Track Name: Doing Time
John de Jong (c) 1995, Whole World Music

I've been waiting so long
for this freedom to come
it's hard to let go now
say goodbye to these chains
This familiar room
for so long my home
shared only with visions
touched only by pain

As I stare at the door
I can see nothing more
than the first steps of freedom
and beyond the unknown
I know I must choose
to win or to lose
to die as a warrior
or die in my home

Now the sound of the sea
like the wind in the trees
is calling to me - calling to me:
soon I'll be walking away
soon I'll be walking away
saying goodbye to those things
that I call mine
for eternity waits in my heart
while I'm doing time

Your cross I will bear
though sometimes it scares me
the way that you call me
to lay my life down
But this race I will win
I'll never give in
til I stand there before you
and you give me a crown

But I would do it for love
knowing all that I have
you first gave to me -
don't let me throw it away
don't let me throw it away
I'll give to you all those things
that I call mine, mine, mine
I'll live for eternity now
while I'm doing time
Track Name: Jacob's Prayer
(c) 2006, John de Jong. All rights reserved.

I am on the run, I’m trying to steal my destiny
A lonely traveller without friends
There’s a road ahead that’s leading into mystery
Where will it end?

Said he’d kill me if he ever got his hands on me
I’ve only got myself to blame
Now this blessing is a curse for all eternity
The mark of Cain

If I’m a thief, then he’s a fool for holding on so lightly
to promises that were his
And yet he’s still my brother
Who’d have thought that it would come to this?

In this empty place I lay my head down on this stone
Draw my cloak against the cold
It’s been three long days of travelling, now I’m here alone
As the day grows old

In the sky above the stars burn like an enemy
No friendly moonlight now
Just the darkness and the cold earth pressing in on me
And my brother’s vow

So as you look upon me running from the past
towards a future I can’t see
Do you see a schemer? a crazy dreamer?
Or do you see me?

Now could it be my eyes deceive me? I see fire in the sky –
A thousand angel flying at a Lord’s command
And then I hear a voice like thunder, words that echo in the hills
‘I give you this land’

As the vision fades I search beyond the waking stars
Was it real or just a dream?
How can heaven be so near when I’m so far away?
What can it mean?

But I will never be the same – I can’t explain this feeling
But I know that it’s true
I will face the morning without fear
If I can walk with you
Track Name: You Are There
John de Jong (c) 1997 Whole World Music. All rights reserved.

You're not the only song I sing
But I love you most of all
You're not the only dream I dream
But I hear your Spirit call
You're not the only book I read
But I read between your lines
You're not the only sun I see
But you're the one who shines

And when the evening comes
and the shadows of night
You're not the one to turn and look away
When the morning comes
and you shine your light
When I walk in the cool of the day
When I walk in the cool of the day
You are there

You're not the only fire that burns
But eternal is your flame
You're not the only wind that moans
But I hear you call my name
You're not the only road I walk
But I know that you're the way
You're not the only friend that comes
But you're the one who stays

When the party ends and there's only the wine
When the silence falls you hear me pray
When the morning comes your peace is mine
When I walk in the cool of the day
You are there
Track Name: I Trust In You
John de Jong (c) 1997 Whole World Music. All rights reserved.

My times are in your hands
I trust in you
Your love will never fail
I trust in you
Even though the mountains fall into the sea
I trust in you
Even if the stars should fall
And all the world is shaken

When I can't see the way
I trust in you
I believe the things you say
I trust in you
Even when I'm sinking down beneath the waves
I trust in you
I know you will lift me up
And put my feet on solid ground

Every day you're faithful
New mercy from above
Like a tree in your temple
Surrounded by the strong walls of your love
Surrounded by the strong walls of your love